Sitemap - 2019 - Due Dissidence

42. New Year's Wine Cave Soiree: Debate Recap, The Importance of Iowa, 2019 Key Moments

41. Impeachment - Yay or Nay?

40. w/Justin Van Voorhis - Michael Moore Captures the Zeitgeist

39. w/Lauren Steiner - CA Primary Analysis, Convention Notes, Kamala's Exit, and More.

38. Debate Recap, Extra Spicy: With Takes on MSNBC, Impeachment, & More.

37. Warren vs. Sanders on Med4All, Credibility, Electability, and More.

36. w/Joshua Copeland - Local Berniecrats Founder on the Need for Bottom-Up Political Revolution.

35. A Joker For Our Times - An Antihero for the 99%

34. w/Anis Shivani - What Liberals Get Wrong About Trump, and Why 2020 Looks Like a 2016 Repeat.

33. AOC Delivers for the Political Revolution, Debate Recap, and More

32. September Q&A Podcast, Plus a Word on Bernie's Health

31. w/Nick Brana - The People's Party's Summer of Action, 2020 Strategies, and More

30. w/Justin Van Voorhis - Dave Chappelle, Shane Gillis, and the New Rules of Comedy

29. Party's Over - Democratic Debate Recap

28. w/Kristoffer Hellén - California Bernin', Trump Voters vs. Democrats, Online Discourse, & More

27. Why Bernie's Called "Old and White" Instead of Jewish, and Other 2020 Talk

26. w/Domenica Ghanem - Ilhan Omar: Friend of the White Working Class

25. w/Brett Story - Mapping Carceral Power Across Neoliberal America

24. w/Barry Graubart - Beating the NRA and Ending Gun Violence

23. A Berning in Motown - Democratic Debate Recap

22. w/Saul Brown - The History of Media and its Impact on Memory, Thought, and Culture

21. w/Victor Tiffany - Debating Bernie or Bust 2020

20. w/Meagan Day - The Centrist Means-Testing Scam and the Case for Free College

19. w/Gabrielle Burton-Hill - Frederick Douglass' Humanitarian Legacy, Locally and Beyond

18. w/Ricann Bock & Gloria Bonelli - Lights for Liberty, a Vigil for Human Rights at the Border

17. Democratic Debate Recap with New Polling Aftermath

16. w/Courtney Allen - Case Work, Social Activism, Filmmaking, Central Park 5, & More

15. w/Russell Dobular - Sanders & Warren: A Strategy Session

14. w/Cristin Sauter - How Perceptions of Addiction Shape Drug Policy

13. w/Tina Piaquadio - Can Insulin Awareness Bring Medicare for All?

12. w/Deborah Danzy & Fran Fox-Pizzonia - Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Rights in 2019

11. w/Dawn Wilkin & Regina Cieslak - TEAM Newburgh's Fight Against Opioids and Addiction

10. w/Nick Brana - The Movement for a People's Party

09. The Warren Dilemma

08. w/Meagan Day - Bernie 2020: A Tale of Two Town Halls

07. Live Recordings from Bernie 2020 Kickoff

06. Biden on the Horizon, Democrats Blacklist Progressives

05. w/Heather Mackey - "The River and The Wall" Film, Impacts of a Border Wall

04. w/Steven and Susan Salomone - The Sackler Lawsuits & The Opioid Crisis

03. w/Peter Frase - Democratic Socialism, from Bernie to Brake Lights

02. A Miracle, a Mueller Report, and a Test from God

01. Welcome, One and All