Sitemap - 2020 - Due Dissidence

101. w/Anis Shivani - Was 2020 The Beginning of the End of the American Experiment?

100. Is the GOP More Transformable Than the Democratic Party?

99. w/Jerilyn Jordan - Are the World's Worst People Dining Out?

98. Thanks (But No Thanks), Obama

97. As One Coup Ends, Another Begins: Trump Gives Up as Biden Staffs His Cabinet

96. w/Joe Brunoli - Did Biden's Republican-Lite Campaign Doom Down-Ballot Democrats?

95. Election Recap: Why Trump Failed, Why it Was Close, and Why Liberals Have it Wrong Again

94. Election Preview & Predictions: Blue Pill and Red Pill Versions

93. w/Allen Howell - Chomsky, Biden, and How to Ensure the Lesser-Evil Debate Never Happens Again

92. w/Jon Walker - Did Democrats Miss Their Last Best Chance to Save Obamacare?

91. w/River Page - Unpacking Liberals' Contempt for Poor "White Trash"

90. w/Sam Pizzigati - Concentrated Wealth: The Real Threat to Democracy

89. Joe Versus The Volcano: Debate Recap

88. The Pancake Breakfast Court: From RBG to ACB, & the Collapse of the Liberal Ideal

87. Despera-cito: How and Why MSNBC Blames the Left for Biden's Latino Problem

86. Biden's Most Toxic Endorsement: Rick Snyder, Poisoner of Flint

85. As the General Election Kicks Off, Is Biden's Suburban Strategy Backfiring?

84. w/Carol Ehrle - The People's Convention: Movement for a People's Party is Ready for its Close-up

83. w/Allen Howell - Voting vs. Direct Action: Building Left Power Amidst a Hopeless Election

82. w/Jim Langford - Meet One of Bernie's Delegates Voting 'No' on the DNC Platform

81. Down-Ballot Leftists Bushwhack the Establishment

80. w/Dana Bol & Margarite Pastor - When Counter-Protesters Attacked a Black Lives Matter March

79. w/Cristin Sauter - Universalism vs Liberalism, Democracy vs Capitalism

78. The Trump Implosion, The Lincoln Project, and the Neocon GOP Takeover of the Democratic Party

77. Why Liberals Aren't Leftists, and Why Some Leftists Think They Are

76. w/Cedrick-Michael Simmons - The Case Against "White Fragility"

75. How Far is Too Far: A Monumental Question

*SPECIAL* - Dissident Film Club Ep. 2: Da 5 Bloods and the Films of Spike Lee

*SPECIAL* - Dissident Film Club Ep. 1: The First Rule of Dissident Film Club

74. w/Peter Frase - The Radical Pragmatism of Defunding the Police

73. w/Justin Van Voorhis - The Top 10 Songs of Bob Dylan, Plus a Special Announcement

72. Finding Your Autonomous Zones: Inside the Seattle Protests

71. Never Go Full Hitler: Has Trump Caused the #NeverBiden Left to Blink First?

70. Minneapolis is Just the Beginning

69. w/Asad Haider - Political Imagination and The False Pragmatism of Lesser-Evil Voting

68. Biden Shuns Latinos, Liberals Shame Socialists, Our Revolution DemExits, & Other News

67. Free Birds: Why Bernie Supporters are Weighing a 3rd Party Vote

66. w/Meagan Day - Building Bernie's Movement Post-2020 & Building Labor Power Post-Covid

65. New Evidence Supports Tara Reade, Warren Snubs the Squad, Larry Summers Joins Team Biden

64. Hope for the Best, Expect the Apocalypse

63. New Reporting, Revelations, and Reflections on Bernie's 2020 Defeat.

62. As Bernie 2020 Ends, #DemExit Begins. (Alyssa Milano Remains Dumb.)

61. w/Allen Howell - A Time to Strike: The Progressive Movement's Crucial Next Move

60. As AOC Goes Mainstream and Biden Accuser Goes Public, 2020 Goes Sideways.

59. w/Zach Carter - The Coronavirus Bill: An Outrageous Bipartisan Corporate Bailout.

58. Unifying the #DemExit Forces, Coronavirus Relief Chaos, & Staying Off The Bike Paths

57. The Coronavirus & The Case for Social Democracy, Bernie vs. Biden Debate Preview, and More

56. w/Eleanor Goldfield - #BernTheDNC Protests Set for Milwaukee in Response to the 2020 Primary

55. The Dem-pire Strikes Back - Super Tuesday Recap

54. Super Tuesday Preview & Predictions, SC Recap, and More

53. w/Victor Tiffany - Bernie or Bust, Frontrunner Style: Stopping Bloomberg and the Superdelegates

52. Vegas Bernie, Vegas! Nevada Caucus Recap, plus Bloomberg's Debate Debacle

51. w/Anis Shivani - The Spirituality of Bernie's Movement and the Last Gasps of Neoliberalism

50. Why Centrism Can't Win in 2020 - Debate Recap and NH Preview

49. From Iowa FTW to Iowa WTF - Caucus Recap (62% Edition)

48. No Sleep 'Til Iowa - What's at Stake and How to Volunteer

47. w/Kristoffer Hellén - Chalkin' & Talkin' Bernie in Iowa, and How to Rep Bernie on Caucus Night

46. w/Melissa Hoffmann - The Sunrise Movement Fights for Bernie 2020 and a Green New Deal

45. Warren Exits Stage Right, Abandons Progressive Movement - Debate Recap

44. Iowa Debate Preview, Gaming Out The Early States, and Ricky Gervais' Hollywood Smackdown

43. No War With Iran. Period.