1. I live in California. I knew my vote was not going to harm the election in 2016 or 2020. Who I voted for President would not have made a difference. So no, I'm not going to take the responsibility for Trump winning.

2. Thank goodness I live in California because I just could not vote for her. Just awful! Same for Biden. I don't expect perfection, but not being corrupt would be nice!

3. I realize that there are people that are mad that I even spoke up about how terrible they are, but I support democracy and I believe that is part of the democratic process.

I don't understand how most Americans can ignore that 68,000 Americans die every year from lack of healthcare. Really, how do they ignore it? Going to brunch is not more important than 68,000 Americans every year!

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Totally agree with you 100%.

I was a kid when Clintons sexcapades became public. I was horrified that he would treat women this way, but even more horrified that a self described feminist would attack not her predatory spouse, but his victims. That was when i was first disillusioned by a prominent Democratic woman.

As secretary of state her foreign policy decisions affronted my understanding of human rights. She happily plunged country after country into civil war with virulently misogynistic religious factions, in order to steal sovereign rights of those countries, with no regard to the lives of the women and their futures that she sacrificed to do so.

And then in 2016, i tried to volunteer to help with the campaign of HRC. They only wanted money. I didn’t have any to spare as i was freshly unemployed, having been illegally fired for taking leave to care for my sick father.

Around this time, I discovered Bernie was running. I had long admired his resistance to the Iraq invasion, in which he was largely alone. And he needed volunteers, so I joined up. Apart from disliking Trump, I had felt the country had been in dire straits for years, especially as the Democratic party seemed hijacked by the same neocon warmongers who had mired us in endless conflicts, at the end of which, their personal bank accounts were the only victors.

Hillary was from being done with betraying us all though. She and her buddies Podesta and Blumenthal, among many others, conspired to tilt the primary for Hillary, while erroneously and viciously painting Bernie as sexist, ineffective and incompetent, with fairytale ideas, based in research and science, not industry propaganda, by the way.

My final disillusionment came from women voters themselves. Gloria Steinem quite sexistly declared young Bernie supporters as either sexist men or women so horny for them that they threw their principles out the window. And many women in general fell for this shtick and campaigned to bully, vilify and demean anyone who didn’t support this virulently misogynistic woman as virulently misogynistic themselves.

So yes, instead of reacting angrily to this dose of reality, do something constructive and pressure these Dems you so unapologetically worship despite their obvious lies, to support legislation that might help you, instead of funneling money to Lockheed Martin under the guise of humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

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I guess they are all Bernie bros?? Cause a similar letter could be sent right back. "Hey, women who refused to vote for HRC, you're about to lose your autonomy, are you still happy about what you did? Now maybe you'll learn to vote your conscience in the primary but then get the fuck in line and vote your party, whoever it is, when the general comes. And what exactly did you do all this for? Not only did the opposing side not give you what you wanted, but they spent 4 years attacking the thing you had. Congratulations."

Also, the author tries to claim that the two scenarios, voting for Bernie in the primary and voting for HRC in the general, were equivalent in their ability to provide each camp their desired outcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. To vote for HRC causing her win is literally the end of what they would need to do to protect women's reproductive rights. Clinton could have sat on her hands for 1462 days and women in this country would have maintained the right to choose. Conversely, a vote for Bernie in the primary still would have needed him to win the general (which, by the way, also means that HRC supporters would have needed to not be self-destructive, vindictive little bitches like the "bros" were) and win enough seats in congress, likely still have to eliminate the filibuster (which we probably don't even have the votes for now), write the legislation, and get both the House and Senate to pass it. Not the same. Not at all. I know it sucks you didn't get your way. Maybe instead of throwing temper tantrums you can realize that the right gets the stuff they want by voting properly in the general no matter what happened in the primary, because no matter what, the candidate that makes it to your side of the ballot is ALWAYS going to be better than the other one. Remember what the candidates running against Trump were saying during their primary? Just awful stuff. But the minute he got the nod they ALL got in line, supported him, endorsed him, got their supporters to vote for him, and he won. Then he gave them more of what they wanted than any democrat ever would have (ostensibly huge tax cuts for the ultra rich and women dying from back-alley abortions). So, maybe you ought to look in the mirror, better yet, look at your sisters, daughters, wives, girlfriends, and female friends and loved ones, and decide if their humanity is worth choosing wisely yourself.

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Here, here. The idea that a vote for a third party candidate is a waste of a vote or a way of letting the other side win, is not only dispelled by looking at actual election results when Democrats win, eg Obama beat McCain even though third party candidates ran, but it's a transparent attempt (which has so far been successful) of convincing people who want other than what the two parties have to offer, that they have NO OTHER CHOICE. Isn't a democracy, even a democratic republic, supposed to be based on choice?

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May 6, 2022·edited May 6, 2022

They dont have the fucking power- for It's two dems holding up the change to filibuster . TWO. and there is nothing we can do about it except vote them out - and that vote is after they take away Roe. so you need a better strategy.

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