When these online personalities are labeled grifters, I think a lot of us mistakenly take it to mean they're being paid by billionaires or (lol) by Russia. No, we're their marks. They're swindling us out of our efforts and precious energy, and selling it to YouTube as scrap.

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What a scathing rebuke of the "progressive media" scam. I love it! I could hear Kule Kulinski's predictable lecture against "giving up" while reading it. It's an insightful piece on how even these perhaps once well-intentioned cheerleaders for the Sanders "movement" (as we all were at some time) have still fallen into the trap of all content creators: stick to your brand and please the algorithm gods- or go back to your day job. Facing that reality, it's not surprising that most YouTubers, after a taste of monetization and free time, will sell us out.

As for Marianne, her 2020 campaign was doomed, not just because it was on the Democrat party ticket, but because she made ADOS reparations its central tenet. To her credit, she's correct that it needs to be addressed; and, up to the point where she STILL says "we" need to keep voting blue (gag me with a spoon) she's a fairly savvy politician and far moreso than the "Orb Mom" and other epithets with which she was dismissed.

HOWEVER. When we can't even get the country to quit bitching about Medicare for All, in what reality did she ever think she was gonna get past the "bUt hOw yA gUnNa pAy fEr iT?" of a multi-trillion dollar reparations bill? Not to mention that, while the country is speeding off a climate cliff and millions of all ethnicities are struggling just to stay housed and fed every month, trying to convince people that ADOS was our national top priority was just absurd.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's a valid thing unto itself in terms of being justified and necessary; but to run on it in an already-doomed primary gambit and think she'd win was delusional. It will be amusing to see, if Marianne repeats that performance in the next primary, how David Doel etc. are going to sell people on that.

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