Apr 12, 2022·edited Apr 12, 2022

actually, according to formal sentential logic, hyprocrisy is irrelevant and moreover not sufficient reason to dismiss a piece of argumentation. unfortunately, formal logic has nothing to do with common sense or feelings.

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what piece of argumentation are you referring to here? You may have missed the point, which wasn't about refuting an argument.

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Aug 1, 2023·edited Aug 1, 2023

The central aim of the article is to imply that those donning UA flags are hypocrites for not supporting other nations who have suffered imperialist oppression. From a logical standpoint, the fact that somebody is a hypocrite is insufficient justification to dispense with their argument: hypocrisy is not a formal (nor an informal) fallacy of logic.

The argument encapsulated by displaying support for Ukraine could charitably be stated as: the right to national self-determination is sacrosanct.

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