Sitemap - 2021 - Due Dissidence

More Than Just a Climate Metaphor, 'Don't Look Up' Skewers All Things American in 2021

Video: Biden's Pandemic Strategy Now Sounds Awfully Similar to Trump's

Video: What House Progressives Would Do if They Really Wanted to Cancel Student Debt

Video: Obama Advisor Spills the Beans on Democrats' Repeated Failures

Podcast: 2021 Year in Review, From Imperial Collapse to a New Civil War - w/ Anis Shivani

130. w/ Anis Shivani - 2021 Year in Review, From Imperial Collapse to a New Civil War

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Video: Workers Killed in Building Collapses After Being Forced to Work Through Tornado Warnings

This Christmas, America is Officially Pottersville

Video: NYC Mayor-Elect Lashes Out at Progressive City Councilmembers Over Prison Policy Dispute

The Depraved Deification of Kyle Rittenhouse is Yet Another Symbol of America's Decline

Video: Blue Maga Attacks Sarah Silverman for Mildly Criticizing Joy Reid

Video: Vaush Jokes that Assange Should Stay in Jail Because He's 'Conservative' and 'Annoying'

Video: Jayapal's Failure to Hold the Line Empowered Manchin to Tank Build Back Better

Video: Kamala Snaps at Charlamagne Over Manchin Question, Right Before Manchin Tanks Biden's Agenda

Dissident Detox Hour 12/19: Manchin Kills BBB, Charlamagne Grills Kamala, Vaush Taunts Assange

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Video: Democrats Shelve Build Back Better, Break Promise on Student Debt as Biden Presidency Crumbles

It's Time to Start Counting Deaths Under Capitalism the Way We Do Under Communism

Podcast: Democrats Shelve Build Back Better, Effectively Ending Biden's Presidency

129. Democrats Shelve Build Back Better, Forfeit 2022 and 2024

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Dissident Detox Hour 12/12: Assange Extradition, Kshama Sawant, Labor Victories - w/ Lauren Steiner

128. w/ Walker Bragman - How Neoliberalism is Killing Our Pandemic Response

Dissident Detox Hour 12/5: Libs Blame Sarandon for Abortion Crisis, Boebert’s Racist Attack on Omar

Dissident Detox Hour 11/28: Mayor Pete Doc Preview, McConaughey Beating Beto, Omicron Approaches

Dissident Detox Hour 11/21: Dems Cut Taxes for the Rich as Party Realignment Kicks Into High Gear

127. This Isn't a Court of Justice, This is a Court of Law: Unpacking the Rittenhouse Verdict

126. w/ Bryan Koulouris - Defeating the Recall Effort Against Kshama Sawant

Dissident Detox Hour 11/7: Virginia Exit Polls Paint Bleak Picture for Dems, Paul vs. Fauci

125. The Brandon Rebellion: Election 2021 Recap

Detox Hour 10/31: Lincoln Project Hoax, Dems' Climate Delusions, SCOTUS To Hear TX Abortion Case

Dissident Detox Hour 10/24: Baldwin Shooting Mystery, Trump vs. McCain, Starbucks Union Vote

124. w/ Joey Holz - Meet the Man Who Went Viral For Applying for 60 Jobs and Getting One Interview

123. w/ Alexander Sammon - The Humiliating Collapse of Centrism

Dissident Detox Hour 10/3: Taibbi vs. Maher on Russiagate, Dems vs. Each Other on Infrastructure

Post-Brunch Dissident Detox Hour 9/26: AOC's "Apology," Bernie vs. CBS, Biden's Border Policies

121. w/ Liza Featherstone - The Awful Post-Presidency of Barack Obama

120. w/Lara Hodge - Due Dissidence Goes To Washington: Lara Hodge, Candidate for Congress

119. Texas Flood: The Abortion Law and the End Times

118. Talkin' 20 Year War in Afghanistan Blues

117. Cuomo is No-mo, Obama Parties On

115. Pelosi Goes Full GOP on Student Loan Debt as Delta Variant Looms

114. Kamala Goes to Guatemala, TYT Goes Full Russiagate, Lab Leak Theory Goes Mainstream

113. Israel, Palestine, and the Right to Exist

111. w/Branko Marcetic - Inside the Democrats' War on Bernie Sanders

109. The Nevada Democratic Establishment Loses, and DemExits

107. Why 'Judas and the Black Messiah' is Essential Viewing for the Modern Left

106. WaPo’s “Economic Anxiety” Study, Nathan Robinson Fired, Neera Tanden’s Confirmation Looms

105. w/Chris Smalls - Building a Labor Movement Against Amazon and the World's Richest Man

104. Traders of the World, Unite: An Online Workers Revolt

103. w/Jane Doe - The Establishment's Assault on Free Speech Arrives Ahead of Schedule

102. Deplorapalooza: Trump Supporters Storm the Capitol